You’ve got a friend…

Have you ever read something that aligns with your thinking so much that you wish that you could sit with down with this person and talk and talk and talk? Well, today, reading one of the assemblage of New Math Blogger Project posts in preparation for the week 4 prompt (and feeling guilty that I didn’t get to doing week 3’s prompt) I happened upon Paul Gitchos blog Second Thoughts. I love it! Ipads in the high school math classroom is his current post, but for some reason his words resonated with me and I read all of his posts. I wish he were in my math department! I wish I could exchange ideas with him on a daily basis — WAIT!!! I can!! If he keeps writing, I can comment! Yay!!

Ipads in the classroom…that’s what I’ll have next year, I’m told. In his blog, Paul lists Desmos as a graphing calculator. Lo and behold, the sliders I want for students to use, to explore with, and so easily accessible!  How else would I have come across this gem?

So here’s the important part of this. KEEP WRITING. All you new bloggers, me included, keep writing. You do have something to add to the discussion.

Keep writing because the conversation starts with writing. To all the silent followers, speak up. The writers are waiting to hear from you. Get the conversation going.

(Did anyone catch the James Taylor/Carole King allusion? From the year I graduated from high school!)

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2 Responses to You’ve got a friend…

  1. lmhenry9 says:

    Yep – I caught the reference. 🙂

    I very much agree with your statement about continuing to write. The conversation continues because people like you and I blog and others read it and respond to it. There’s a good reason why the Math Twitterblogosphere is the best. 😉


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